Qualifying SCRIPT

Warm Opening

Hi [first name]
It's [your name], I'm calling you because you may have spoken with my assistant about selling the property on [address]...
I probably called you at a bad time.

Cold Opening

Hi [first name], Can you hear me?

I’m potentially interested in BUYING [address], are you the owner?

Awesome... would you be open to selling the property?

[If yes - Skip to Clarify/Find Pain]

good time...

is the property still available?

bad time...

That’s fair...

If you were me when would be a better time to call you back about this?

[schedule follow up in CRM]

Clarify / Find Pain

Awesome, so catch me up to speed, what's got you interested in selling?

Got it. I understand...

And You were hoping to get your property sold by (pick a major holiday about 6 months out)?


needs sooner...

Oh, sorry, I didn’t understand.

Why do you need to sell your home so fast?


I see.

It sounds like you DON'T NEED to sell any time soon?

If NO Pain... (Terms)

It sounds like you would only consider selling if you got the absolute highest price possible... close to market value...

That's fair, I'll be honest with you...

Buying properties for cash at market value is not something we do but if we could come up to market value, would you be open to being a little creative?

See we buy houses 2 different ways...

1 is to fully renovate it and sell it, which I don't think is a good fit for your situation.

The other is to rent it, and that I buy on terms which allows me to offer you more money, often times retail.

Are you familiar with terms?

Does that sound like something you'd be interested in discussing further?

If NO... (Option)

Well, I’m probably not your buyer but while I got you on the phone I’ll tell you why and maybe somehow I could help ya.

Everything we buy and hold, EVERYTHING, we buy on creative finance. We use seller finance a lot of time to grow and it allows us to do so way more repidly than we can by going out and getting bank loans and all that kind of stuff.

So the second a seller says to me “I’m not open to seller finance” I go “well I’m probably not your buyer but maybe I can help you go find a buyer through all our connections or marketing efforts.”

How far have you gotten with other buyers?

Would you consider letting me shop the properties to some of our buddies? They wouldn’t buy it with cash, they would go out and get bank loans and stuff like that. Would you be open to something like that?


What stopped you from listing the property with an agent?

What's going to happen if you're not able to sell your home?


Ok, so if you and I could agree on a price, what's the soonest we could buy the property?

30 Second Commercial

Great! May I tell you a little bit about who we are and what we do so we can see if we are a good fit for each other?


We are investors and we buy properties in many different ways.

We aren't buying the house to live in, so we don't typically pay market price.

We have to buy it a price where we can fix it up and resell it for a profit, or rent it to get a fair return on our money invested...


The Good news is we are cash buyers, we buy several homes a month so we know what we are doing. You are in good hands if we are the right fit.

positive response...

[SELLER - Ok, I understand you're not going to give me market price - keep going ]

negative response...

[SELLER - Well I want top dollar, I don't need to sell this house, it's just that you called me so I'm entertaining your offer ]


(Ask the seller what they want and see where that compares in the market value, if they are really high, don't waste too much time on them. The point is to be upfront)


Can you tell me a little about the condition of the property?

When did you last remodel?

What repairs does it need?

How is the roof, foundation, plumbing?



Did you have any idea what you would take for the property if I could offer you cash, take it AS-IS, and close the sale quickly?

gives price...


doesn't give price...

[Ask them the question in different ways]

ok so you have no idea what the right price would be?

(more rapport building questions to squeeze in the conversation)

Decision Maker

Is there anyone else that's involved with the sale of the property?


I appreciate you for sharing that information with me…

given everything we talked about...

(Reference Pain Points)

Did I get that right? / Did I miss anything?

Closing/Getting Off the Phone

Well it was great meet you. I'll have to go back and do some homework on this house.

What I do is submit this property to our underwriting department, they look at the comparable sales and see what other investors are offering so we can get you a competitive offer.

And if you like it we can send you an offer and go from there.

How does that sound?

We look forward to working with you on this. Thank you and have a great day!

Set Agenda

(Sorry to interrupt you but I told you that this will only take 30 seconds)

Perfect I appreciate your time...

Typically what happens on these calls is...

I ask you some questions...

Obviously we do that to determine if it make sense for us to work together...

is that fair?


Great by the way what has you considering selling?

How long have you considered selling?

How long has that been a problem?

Can you tell me more about that?

What have you tried to do so far about selling?